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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Widgetbucks is 100% Genuine

I was surprised today, I have received my first ever Widgetbucks payment from Mpire Corporation. Now, I can brag that Widgetbucks is NOT A SCAM! So for those who are ranting about widgetbucks, and spreading the word that it's a scam, sorry for you, because I have proven that it's really NOT A SCAM. Again, Widgetbucks is NOT A SCAM! My online buddy Marhgil received his payment also, you can check his blog if you don't believe me :P

By the way, for the screenshot, siyempre, I have a screenshot below of my last October 2007 earnings. It's worth the wait, even if it takes too long. The good thing is, they paid us before their deadline, which is 45 days after your balance reached $50. Their first payment should be on or before December 15, but they paid us earlier as expected. So, kudos to the Widgetbucks team, and to Mpire Corporation as well. And.. For those who are patiently waiting for Widgetbucks' payment, congratulations! It's really really really worth the wait!

For the screenshot, here it is:

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