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Friday, December 28, 2007

Looking for Second Hand MACs?

I finally have a brand new laptop! It's HP Pavilion TX1000 series Entertainment PC. It's my dream laptop, and I finally have it after 21 years of breathing fresh air and exhaling carbon dioxide :P I'm now using it in writing this post, and I'll make a review about it after a week or two. I'm using it for a week now, but still, I'm not satisfied with it, I just don't know why I'm not contented with my laptop, and still craving for a more high-end laptop compared to this one. I'm forcing myself to be contented with it, but my forcing powers are no use, aaAArrggghh! At first, I'm eyeing for a MacBook Pro or a MacBook Black, but I can't afford it. It's too expensive for a newbie working boy with a minimum Peso salary like me. It would probably take two years of hard work, trying to meet both ends, just to save a few cents daily.

I wish somebody out there will be enticed to give it to me for free. Hehehe. Even if it's a used MAC, I will accept it wholeheartedly. While I was browsing the net, and googling for second hand iMACs and MacBook Pros, I found a website that sells second hand MACs. This website is an avid reseller and provider of used Macs. All of their second hand MACs are tried and tested to exceed your expectations from a used Mac. It's just like having a brand new MAC, or Macbook. They have a vast number of MAC models to choose from. From Apple Power MAC G3 to G5, Apple PowerBook, Apple iBook Laptop, Apple iMac, Apple eMac, and so much more! You can avail your dream MACs at a very reasonable price. They offer GREAT discounts on second hand MACs, and did I say great?

So, if you're planning to purchase second hand MACs, visit www.dvwarehouse.com now! and purchase your dream MAC. It's just like buying a new one, but with a cheaper price. You can call their toll free hotline at 1(800) 463-1322 if you would like to inquire about their great deals and offers on Mac, eMacs, iMacs, and Macbooks.

So what are you waiting for? Visit their website now, and avail this great offers, only from DV warehouse. I'm planning to purchase here, if I have enough money to buy one :P