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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Adsense Updated Its Program Policies This April 2009

Adsense recently updates their program policies for the Adsense Publishers. Here are some of the most important things to remember in the newly updated TOS. We should put in mind that linking to sites that is against the Adsense TOS is strictly prohibited. Blending of Adsense ads so that it will not be an obvious "Ad" anymore is also prohibited.

You can read more about the new implemented policies here.

Program policies specially Adsense TOS is really important to adhere. All of our websites and blogs should be in compliance with all the program policies, or else, it's our doomsday. A lot of us depends on Adsense as the primary source of income, food for our family, daily basic needs, tuition for children, house rent, electricity bill, water bill, and other miscellaneous expenses in our daily lives. Will you let this income stream vanish in a instant? I bet you won't. So let's update our websites and impement this new rules so that we can be safe from being disabled and banned from the world's no.1 online advertising company, Google Adsense.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Cannot Copy a File Even if your Hard Disk has a Vacant Space?

If you Cannot Copy a File Even if your Hard Disk has a Vacant Space, then you better check what type of disk do you have. If you have FATS32 and you're trying to copy files to a NTFS hard disk, you can only copy less than 4GB single file. The only solution you have is convert your FAT32 disk to NTFS. By then, you can copy all the files even if it's 100GB.

So you want to reformat your disk now to NTFS and lose all the files? No need to worry, you can convert FAT32 to NTFS without losing any data.

Just head on the command prompt, type convert disk letter /fs:ntfs

For example, you want to format drive D, just type in the command promt

d/fs:ntfs, and DOS will do its job.

I will be providing screen shots for you to understand better in my next post!

My Most Anticipated Movies this 2009

Here are my most anticipated movies for the year 2009! I'm gonna watch it in the big screen, in a certified THX cinema of course, and with a Lazy boy chair. Oh wow! That would be very awesome. Here are the list of the most awesome movies for me this year:

1. X-Men Origins: Wolverine
2. Terminator: Salvation
3. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
4. HP6: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
5. Inglorious Basterds
6. Star Trek The Movie

We'll be updating you about the details and trailers of the mentioned movies above. So stay tuned and let's watch the best 2009 movies online and on our favorite cinemas!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Free Proxies and Proxy List for Friendster, Facebook, Myspace and Multiply

A lot are looking for Proxies and Proxy so that they can browse freely and anonymously. A large percentage of these users are looking for proxies because they are at school or in the office and they cannot browser their favorite websites such as Friendster, Facebook, Myspace and Multiply. They are now looking for Friendster Proxy, Myspace Proxy, Facebook Proxy and Multiply Proxy. If you different types of proxy, and you have to many of them, these are now called proxies, the plural of proxies.

I have a list before, but now, it doesn't work anymore. Some of the proxy sites are down because the memory usage of such proxies are enormous. Others require you to pay first before using their proxy servers. That's why a lot are also looking for free fast proxies and free proxies or proxy so that they can browse their favorite website in a restricted location for free.

If you purchase a proxy account in proxify or other proxy sites, it's not worth it. We have a very useful friendster proxy and myspace proxy called but it's still unavailable as of the moment due to a very high server usage. We decided to turn it off for a while and look for a cheaper and stronger server to serve free proxy users better. So watch out as we post a list of the best proxies for you to use for free for your Friendster, Myspace, Multiply and Facebook accounts.

By the way, here's an old list of working free proxy sites for your Friendster, Myspace, Multiply and Facebook accounts. Most of the sites on the list doesn't work at all, but some of them do, so kindly check it out!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Beware of Cyber Stalkers also known as Online Stalkers

Here's a post that I would like to share to your from Jehzlau Concepts. It's a post about Online Stalkers or Cyber Stalkers, and why you should beware from these dudes.

I have had a lot of online stalkers nowadays and I don’t know how to stop them. But before the main show, let me define what is an online stalker. They are people who thrive on hurting and abusing others. They are disgusting slime that deserve to spend their lives in jail. My guess is that most of the online stalkers are people who do not have the courage to do this in real life and face to face. They gain their courage by the fact they can use the anonymity of the web. They are like bullies, except they do not have the courage to stand up and fight. And so, most of them, despite that they can pretend to be intimidating, are nothing but chickens hiding behind their computer screens. (This was the most appropriate definition of an online stalker that I found in the internet. Thanks to Bad Teddy of Knights of Kindness for the wonderful definition of an online stalker. You can also read about his wonderful article of How to Put Stalkers in Jail. (I think Maki should be reading this whole article by Bad Teddy, hehe).

Continue Reading...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

DSi Games Free Download Updates!

As the Nintendo DSi for Europe, Japan and the United States were released and was slowly spreading around the globe, more and more people are eager to know what are the available games for DSi. I too, wants to have a copy of a genuine DSi game. I just have a lot of free ds games here in my PC and I don't have a game that was designed for Nintendo DSi. Here are the list of blogs that writes about Nintendo DS Games Free Download. These Free DS Games are available for you to try for free. Once you have it for free, you can opt to purchase it and try more available games online.

These awesome DS games are absolutely for free. Once you downloaded it, you can copy it to your Memory Card, then insert it to your Game card, like R4DSi, Acekard 2i, and other cards so that you can play homebrew games or DSi ROMS. These games are for free and are distributed all around the globe. You can try more free NDS Games here if you want.

To be updated about more DS games, we'll have a free subscription available for you in the near future. So watch out as we dazzle you with the latest games for free for your Nintendo DSi, Nintendo DS Lite, and the classic but savvy Nintendo DS.

Call of Duty 4 (COD 4) Serial Key, Crack, or Keygen?

I'm looking for a Call of Duty 4 (COD 4) Serial Key, Crack, or Keygen for my cousin. I hope I can find something in the internet regarding anything to get a free Call of Duty Game. I know Call of Duty 5 is now available, but Call of Duty 4 (COD 4 or COD IV) is just awesome.

Call of Duty is a war game, first person shooter. I really love this game because I'm so addicted to it. I already bought this game for my PS3, but my cousin keeps on calling me to get a Call of Duty 4 Serial, Crack or Keygen. Where the heck can I find those? I'm trying to copy the Call of Duty Blu-ray disc for him, but I can't. Maybe the only way to share this game for free is to find a Free Serial Key, a Crack perhaps? or a Key Generator?

I'd rather buy a COD 4 or COD 5 game for my PS3. This serial key thing that my cousin was looking for is different. It's for his PC. I hope I can find it online soon in the internet and share it with him.

NOD32 Crack, Free Serial and Keygen

Looking for NOD32 Crack, NOD32 Free Serial Key or NOD32 Keygen? If you want a free NOD32, you can download them at for free, but it's just limited. There are patches available online, but it's really dangerous to download those. NOD32 Smart Security and NOD32 Antivirus are the astounding products of ESET. Their NOD32 Antivirus and NOD32 Internet Security are one of the best anti virus softwares nowadays. A lot are looking for NOD32 Crack, NOD32 Serial and NOD32 Keygen and so do I. I’ve been googling day and night to look for a serial so that I can avail of their free software. However, I failed.

Their software security is pretty clever. The username and password that they are using are seriously monitored by the staff responsible to it. Every software update of NOD32 comes with a counter check if your username and password is valid or not. If it’s valid, then you can update successfully, if it’s invalid then you can’t. That’s why all else failed to look for a working crack, serial or keygen for NOD32. There’s no only way to avail of this software for free that’s why others buy it.

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

UFC 97 Live Stream Online

Be it UFC 97 Live Stream, UFC 97 Live Online, UFC 97 Fight Video, or UFC 97 Leites Vs Silva Fight Video or Silva Vs Leites Fight. I'm so excited to watch UFC 97 Live Stream Online or UFC 97 Fight Video Replay. This is gonna be another one hell of a fight between the best UFC fighters around the world

We are all gonna watch the same UFC event around the world. So, to the people of Canada, buy your tickets now (if there are tickets left, I bet, there's only less than 1% of tickets unsold, so make sure you get it!). If you're not from Canada and you are so eager to watch UFC 97 Live, you can watch it live online, or you can download a replay video of the 97th Ultimate Fighting Championship for your PC or MAC. Most of the downloaded videos in the internet arte in FLV format. You can use a VLC Media Player to play FLV files, or just convert it to AVI, or any format of your choice. You can also convert it to 3GP, so you can have a mobile video version of UFC 97 Fight Video.

This April 18, 2009! Saturday! Let's unite and support our UFC fighters! Let's all watch UFC 97 Live Stream Online! Here are the fight cards of the most awaited UFC event in the history of mankind!

Main Card
- Middleweight Championship: Anderson Silva vs. Thales Leites
- Light Heavyweight bout: Chuck Liddell vs. Mauricio Rua
- Light Heavyweight bout: Brian Stann vs. Krzysztof Soszynski
- Heavyweight bout: Cheick Kongo vs. Antoni Hardonk
- Light Heavyweight bout: Luiz Arthur Cane vs. Steve Cantwell
Preliminary Card
- Light Heavyweight bout: Eliot Marshall vs. Vinicius Magalhães
- Middleweight bout: Denis Kang vs. Xavier Foupa-Pokam
- Middleweight bout: Nate Quarry vs. Jason MacDonald
- Middleweight bout: David Loiseau vs. Ed Herman
- Lightweight bout: Mark Bocek vs. David Bielkheden
- Welterweight bout: Ryo Chonan vs. TJ Grant
- Lightweight bout: Matt Wiman vs. Sam Stout

So are you excited? More about UFC Fight Videos Here and UFC Videos and Download here!

Friday, April 17, 2009

UFC 97: Anderson Silva Vs Thales Leites Fight Video

We all know that these two are famous and a lot will be search for a downloadable video or free video replay of the UFC 97 Fight Video between Anderson Silva and Thales Leites. The video will also be known as UFC 97 Leites Vs Silva Fight Video. This is just an update about the fight video of Anderson Silva Vs Thales Leites. This fight is really exciting, just like watch a never ending battle between two strong warriors!

So to all people there in Quebec, let's watch UFC 97 Live Stream online and be excited about this upcoming main match! Who's your bet? I guess Silva will still win, but who knows, maybe Leites prepared so much for this fight. Let's see when the battle begins!

More interesting reads about UFC 97 below:
1. Watch UFC 97 Live Stream Online
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3. UFC 97 Live Stream Online
4. Watch UFC 97 Online
5. Watch UFC 97 Live Stream Online
6. UFC 97 Live Stream Fight Videos
7. UFC 97 Free Live Stream Online

So who's your bet? Silva or Leites?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

April Fool's Day 2009

I know, this post was a bit late. But I will be collecting a list of the most awesome April Fool's Day jokes this year 2009. There are a lot of April Fool's Day jokes around the web, but there are just a few who can grab our attention and say, "Wow, is that a joke?" Ok, I know I'm not that good in writing but I guess I have to be direct to the point.

Wait on my next post and find out what I am talking about. These April will be gigantic and awesome. As in really awesome. This will be one of the best of the best months this year. April really rocks! And oh, my dad's birthday is also this April. So watch out as I think about what's the best gift for daddy. Yay!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Resignation Letter Sample

More and more people around the world are losing their jobs. The number of this people is almost directly proportional to the people who don't love their jobs. Based on my research online, a lot of people wants to resign from their current jobs. These types of people doesn't love their job, because they want to resign from it. I think writing a resignation letter is one of the first things that they have in mind. They will be looking for resignation letter samples online and find what's the best letter that relates to them, or what is the best example of a resignation letter that matches their motives.

There are a lot of resignation letter samples around the world wide web, but there are a few that is convincing and direct to the point. Here's a resignation letter by Jehzlau Concepts that I think you can use and you'll like it.