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Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson is Dead

Michael Jackson is Dead. This is really confirmed and this is really true. This news rapidly propagated like a virus around the world and it makes the internet slower than ever because of the raging MJ fans that was searching about him and looking for answers about the truth behind Michael Jackson's Death. A few hours ago, Michael

Jackson was confirmed dead. Yes, today, June 25, 2009. This is a very sad new to everyone. It is believed he suffered cardiac arrest in his home. However, the cause of his death is unknown until results of the autopsy are known.

Other said that Michael Jackson was killed, while other said that he committed suicide which is very impossible.

We'll research more about this rampant news and we'll post updates regarding MJ's death.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Inglorious Basterds

To complete my list of most anticipated movies this 2009, I would like to introduce the movie starring our favorite Brad Pitt entitled Inglorious Basterds. Finally, my list is now complete. This movie is a semi-comedy, semi-action film, based on my wild guess and intuition and as what the trailer shows us.

It's not that serious I guess, but It's quite bloody. Based on Showbiz Gossips, It has the largest cast of characters of any Tarantino film to date and was filmed in several locations, among them Germany and France. The title of the upcoming film is inspired by Italian director Enzo Castellari’s 1978 movie Inglorious Bastards. The Weinstein Company has stated August 21, 2009, as the tentative U.S. release date.

So if you're a Nazi fan and a Brad Pitt fan, then this movie should be on your list to watch this 2009! Year 2009 is really a great year of fantastic movies. All movies that I love were released in this year and I'm really happy that I'm still alive this year 2009!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

HP6: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Online

Harry Potter 6 is also part of my most anticipated movies this 2009! After the 5 first installments of Harry Potter, I can't wait to watch this 6th episode. I don't know what happened to Harry, but I'm looking forward that he's still alive. Of course, he's still alive because he's the leading protagonist.

The 6th episode will also be show in IMAX theaters, just like the 5th episode. There are scenes that you can watch in its full 3D Glory. I'll definitely watch this on IMAX or in THX theaters, rather that watching it online for free!

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince will definitely rock! I'm pretty sure of it! I will be reviewing the movie after watching it. So come back here for the review okey?

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is coming this June 24, 2009! It's one of the most awaited movies and every Transformer fan is itching to watch the movie! Megan Fox is now hotter in this sequel that's why all fans of Megan Fox can't wait to watch this movie.

This movie is also one of my most anticipated movies this 2009 so I'll watch it no matter what happens. Are you going to watch it as well? Are you excited to see Megan Fox's Boobs? I bet you are! Let's go and let's watch Transformers 2 Online and in Cinemas near us!

So to everyone, let's never miss this chance! Let's all watch Transformers 2 in the big screen, okey? Because it's not worth it if you don't watch it in Full HD!

Saturday, June 20, 2009


This question is keep on echoing in my mind. Whether to go for a LED, OLED or LCD TV? LCD TVs are much cheaper than LED and OLED. OLED is more expensive that LED, which makes LED in the middle of the bargain.

But how about the features? the advantages and disadvantages of these parties? LCD is cheap and that is its main advantage. OLED is expensive and that is its main disadvantage. LED is on the middle and that is its disadvantage and advantage.

If you want to watch a TV and don't want to put a big whole in your pocket, go for LCD TVs. If you are a middle man and you want features and long life span, go for a LED TV. If you are a rich man and you want all features and life span and you want to save your money from electricity bills, then OLED is for you!

I also have a post about disadvantages of LED TVs and I think it can help you decided whether to buy a LED TV or not.

For me, If I have money and I have an opportunity to select with the three TVs, I'll invest for an OLED TV. But as of today, there are no big OLED screen because it's production cost is relatively expensive compared to LCD and LED TVs. But time will come that these OLEDs will be affordable and will be distributed around the world. So what I need to do now is be patient and wait for that time to come.

OLED TVs are really great to partner with Microsoft's Project Natal. This awesome piece of equipment is on its alpha stage as of now. So when this will be released, I really do hope that OLED TVs about 46" to 52" will be released as well.

Popcorn Hour C200 is finally here!

The most awaited Popcorn Hour model is finally here! This is the newest Popcorn Hour model after the famous A110. I have heard that the Popcorn Hour C-200 contains an upgraded Sigma SMP8643 667 Mhz processor, two SATA slots, HDMI 1.3, a drive bay for mounting your own HDD, DVD or even Blu-ray drive. Now this is the all-in-one entertainment device that we've been waiting for.

We can mount our HDD, DVD or any other player onto it. This really beat's Western Digital's HD Player that I bought a few months ago. Even if it's really sleek and small, Popcorn Hour C200 is more superior and powerful than any other media players that I saw in the market.

So if you're planning to buy your own HD Media player, then I suggest you get Popcorn Hour C200. This will be your solution to complete your media warehouse satisfaction!

I guarantee you that this player is really awesome! More about the specs, videos, and images at Engadget!

Will India Still Make It?

There are only 2 days left before the ICC T20 World Cup finals. Will India still be the champions of this year's ICC Twenty20? Or will the other teams beat the Indians in this most awaited World Cricket Championship.

We still don't know who will win. Pakistan and South Africa are doing great in the eliminations. England and New Zealand also has the potentials of being this year's champions. Two days left guys and the we will find out who will win and who will make it to the top.

In the first Twenty20 World Cup, India made it and became the champions of this legendary Cricket Cup. But how about this year? Will they still win? Let's find out this June 21, 2009 at Lord’s, London and let's all watch the finals of ICC World CUP T20!

This will be a very exciting match I guess. So let's make a short list of who will be on the top. My bets are India, New Zealand, Pakistan, England and South Africa. I'm pretty sure that one of these 5 countries will be the ICC T20 2009 Champs!

Disadvantages of LED TVs

The LED TVs are now rampant this days and Samsung is really doing great in promoting such TVs. Now, a lot of people are looking for disadvantages of a LED TV. Is it worth it to buy? Are these better than LCD TVs?

Honestly, the only disadvantage of a LED TV that I can think of is a price. It's really expensive compared to LCD TVs. I also read about the difference of LED and LCD tvs in this post.

It's a great post about the differences of LED and LCD. Here's a quote about LED and LCD, and they are not really different.

Samsung's "LED TVs" (or to be more precise, LED-lit LCD TVs) use LED elements for the lighting source (think "Lite Brite" pegs, but all of them white). Samsung is trying to promote this LED backlighting technology as an entirely new category of TV, which is a little misleading.

The about statement is true. LED TV are just LED-lit LCD TVs, while LCD TVs are CCFL-lit LCD TVs. The back lit is the only difference and OLED is not LED, they are completely different.

Let's go back to the topic. The only disadvantage of LED is the price. While its advantages are longer lifespan, energy efficiency, and higher contrast ratio. So if you have the budget and the motivation that LEDs are better the LCDs, then buy your LED TV now!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cotto Vs Clottey Live Stream

If you're a fan of Cotto or a fan of Clottey, I know you'll never risk the chance of missing this once in a lifetime opportunity of watch Cotto Vs Clottey Live. Bookmark this page now and watch it a few hours from now, live and online! This is really one of the most awaited events this year that we must see! Yes! Really! This is really the best and the most exciting event ever in the history of Boxing!

Let's all Watch Cotto vs Clottey Live Stream! This is one of the most awaited events this June 2009. This will be streamed live together with the UFC 99 Live Stream.

So all all Cotto and Clottey fans, let's never miss this event. We can watch this live on HBO World Boxing Championship!

Watch Cotto Vs Clottey Live Stream Online now and UFC 99 Live Stream as well.

UFC 99 Live Stream Fight Video

After a long wait, the UFC 99 Live Stream Fight Video! We can now watch UFC 99 Live Stream Online for free! Yes, we can watch it online and it Pay-Per-View! I'm so excited to share this with you guys! Franklin and Silva, the dream fight card will not be a dream anymore! 22 hours from now, the UFC 99 Match will begin at Germany!

This will surely be another exciting UFC match that we all must see! Franklin Vs Silva? Wow! This is unbelievable! Two champions in one ring? So aren't you as excited as me? I bet you are so excited to watch UFC 99 Live Stream online!

Let's all together watch and enjoy this amazing UFC event this June 13, 2009! UFC 99 Live Stream, here we go!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Watch Taking of Pelham 123 Movie Online Review

If you're a John Travolta fan, then you must watch the Taking of Pelham 123 Movie Online! It's a cool movie about a terrorist attack in Pelham 123. It's a train somewhere in the United States. My cousin told me that it's a nice movie and it's definitely a must-see. So let's all Watch Taking of Pelham 123 Movie Online to enjoy it and love it!

I guess I'll just watch it online at home, instead of watching it in cinemas because I'm so tired in going out. I can also download a high definition version of it once it's released online. But I can't download it as of now. I'll just look for streaming sites where this movie is available. So to everyone, if you're a John Travolta or a Denzel Washington fan, then this movie is for you!

Let's all Watch Taking of Pelham 123 Movie Online! This movie really rocks!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

ICC T20 World Cup Live Stream

ICC T20 World Cup Live Stream has now begun! The ICC World Cup Twenty20 is scheduled from June 5th to 21st in England. ICC T20 World Cup features world’s best players representing different countries to showcase their skills and play the short format of T20 cricket on the global platform.

The ICC World Cup T20 England 2009 is the second ICC World Twenty20 Championship and the first inaugural event happened in 2007 in South Africa.

India was the champion in the first ICC World Cup T20 after defeating Pakistan in the final match.

This year will be another awesome ICC World Cup Event. So let's all watch out for it!