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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Adbrite is back in the Old Database

Hi guys! I just added the magical Adbrite code again in this blog and I'll observe if its CPC goes back to normal again. Before, Adbrite's CPC wasn't quite awesome and reasonable, but after a year of using it, its CPC is much lower than ever.

The support says that the reason behind it is that their advertisers lowered the bid for each ad because there's lesser competition and that sucks for publishers. If there were only a few advertisers, the publishers will suffer. Of course, I'm one of the publishers that's why I'm part of the suffering group.

Hopefully, today, after I re-added the Adbrite code in my blog, all things will return to normal and there will be no day that my earnings are lower than $1.00. I'm already happy if I earned at least $1.00/day.

Before, I'm earning around $6.00 to $10.00 USD daily. But things changed and that's just before. Right now, my earnings are only cents. But I still do hope that my average daily earning will be more than before or will be back to normal.

More power to Adbrite, its publishers and its advertisers!

Saturday, August 08, 2009

UFC 101 Fight Videos and Replay

After the UFC 101 Live Stream, we'll be posting UFC 101 Fight Videos and Replay. We will also give you download links for high quality videos of UFC (If we can get an HD video, then we'll give it to you after the event). As of now, we have a few websites here that promised a free live streaming of our favorite UFC event.

The live stream will be available on August 8, 2009 10PM ET/7PM PT. So make sure that you're online during those announced time.

Here are some UFC 101 Live Stream sites that I found online:
1. UFC 101 Live Stream
2. Free UFC 101 Live Stream
3. UFC 101 Fight Videos
4. UFC 101 Replay Videos

Ultimate Fighting Championship 101 will start a few hours from now! So don't forget to bookmark the sites that I've linked.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Nobody by Wonder Girls is My New LSS

Nobody by Wonder Girls is indeed, My New LSS. I've been addicted listening to it and watching their music videos in my HDTV. They rock! They dance like synchronized robots and I had a crush on all of them, specially Park Ye Eun! She's really pretty and adorable.

If you want to know about this awesome South Korean girl group, visit their Wikipedia page. They are truly awesome and remarkable. You should watch their music videos and purchase their albums.

More power Wonder Girls!