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Friday, September 28, 2007

MAC or PC?

What if somebody will give you a gift, and he/she will let you decide if you want a MAC or a PC. What will you choose? a MAC? or a PC?

But, what if you have earned and saved 200k for 1 year (from your work), and decided to buy a computer, what will you choose? a MAC or a PC? and why? ^_^

I'm facing this problem right now, and I can't decide whether to have a MAC or a PC. I'm always in front of a PC everyday in the office, that's why I want to buy MAC and play around with it (because I just want to experience the MAC way of life, wahehe), or have a MAC if someone will give it to me for free. But I think there are limitations in using MAC (some of my software won't work in MAC, and other applications that works only in PC). If I'll buy a PC, or have a PC as a free gift from someone, I can do all sort of things that I am doing inside the office. Is it worth it to have a MAC? or a PC?

I think if it's for free, you'll choose MAC, because it's quite expensive compared to PC. But if you'll buy yourself a computer, you'll probably go for a PC, for practicality purposes, am I right? or... for you? what will you choose? ^_^ or go for MAC and use iEmulator? hehe

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Stucked at 440

My technorati authority was stucked at 440. That's all for today! Ciao! Hehehe... Why am I stucked at 440? Because... I made a wrong move.. or is it right? to have my own domain: I hope there will be a technorati feature, that even if I change my domain, the back links that I previously have will be added to my new domain, because it points in the same website. Perhaps, they will find a way how to do that. I know it's not that complicated for the technorati guys to do it. But I think there's a reason behind this stuff, that's why they are not adding the authority points to the new domain that is used with the same website. I just want to blog about this kasi wala lang. If advantage ba or disadvantage ang pag + ng authority points kasi same site lang naman eh, or in favor ba kayo sa pag + ng lumang auth points niyo sa bago niyong address, ok naman diba? Sayang naman if back to zero ulit if I'll change my domain. ( sayang din kasi nasa Top 10k na yung luma kong address.. huhuhu)

Or.... maybe there's a feature like what I'm describing above, but I just can't locate where is it. O baka meron dyan sa inyong may alam, turuan niyo naman ang kawawang si Jehzeel. My new domain reached to 90+ technorati authority points agad in just 2 months without asking for back links. Kaya it was such an accomplishment to a technorati-freako/authority conscious like me. Hehehe.. Teach me naman paano, or dapat ba talaga isa isahin ko lahat ng website para magpa change ng link? is there no other way but to manually visit each blog to update my link? :(
(I'm obviously so lazy with this stuff.. hehe..)
Kaya ba ng Macro? hehe ^_^

Saturday, September 15, 2007

I ranked 1 on Google Search Results!

I ranked 1 on Google Search Results for the keyword "DOST scholars". Yey! after a year of link building and promoting my website for DOST-SEI scholars, I ranked 1 on the search results, as of this day. I hope this will be forever, but I think will regain the top spot one of these days. I'm just happy to be on top of 468,000 search results. It's a great achievement for an SEO Newbie like me, that's why I'm really proud of it.

Oh well, that's all for today. I can't think of something bloggable as of now.