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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Popcorn Hour C200 is finally here!

The most awaited Popcorn Hour model is finally here! This is the newest Popcorn Hour model after the famous A110. I have heard that the Popcorn Hour C-200 contains an upgraded Sigma SMP8643 667 Mhz processor, two SATA slots, HDMI 1.3, a drive bay for mounting your own HDD, DVD or even Blu-ray drive. Now this is the all-in-one entertainment device that we've been waiting for.

We can mount our HDD, DVD or any other player onto it. This really beat's Western Digital's HD Player that I bought a few months ago. Even if it's really sleek and small, Popcorn Hour C200 is more superior and powerful than any other media players that I saw in the market.

So if you're planning to buy your own HD Media player, then I suggest you get Popcorn Hour C200. This will be your solution to complete your media warehouse satisfaction!

I guarantee you that this player is really awesome! More about the specs, videos, and images at Engadget!