LED, OLED or LCD TVs? - Old Database

Saturday, June 20, 2009


This question is keep on echoing in my mind. Whether to go for a LED, OLED or LCD TV? LCD TVs are much cheaper than LED and OLED. OLED is more expensive that LED, which makes LED in the middle of the bargain.

But how about the features? the advantages and disadvantages of these parties? LCD is cheap and that is its main advantage. OLED is expensive and that is its main disadvantage. LED is on the middle and that is its disadvantage and advantage.

If you want to watch a TV and don't want to put a big whole in your pocket, go for LCD TVs. If you are a middle man and you want features and long life span, go for a LED TV. If you are a rich man and you want all features and life span and you want to save your money from electricity bills, then OLED is for you!

I also have a post about disadvantages of LED TVs and I think it can help you decided whether to buy a LED TV or not.

For me, If I have money and I have an opportunity to select with the three TVs, I'll invest for an OLED TV. But as of today, there are no big OLED screen because it's production cost is relatively expensive compared to LCD and LED TVs. But time will come that these OLEDs will be affordable and will be distributed around the world. So what I need to do now is be patient and wait for that time to come.

OLED TVs are really great to partner with Microsoft's Project Natal. This awesome piece of equipment is on its alpha stage as of now. So when this will be released, I really do hope that OLED TVs about 46" to 52" will be released as well.