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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Disadvantages of LED TVs

The LED TVs are now rampant this days and Samsung is really doing great in promoting such TVs. Now, a lot of people are looking for disadvantages of a LED TV. Is it worth it to buy? Are these better than LCD TVs?

Honestly, the only disadvantage of a LED TV that I can think of is a price. It's really expensive compared to LCD TVs. I also read about the difference of LED and LCD tvs in this post.

It's a great post about the differences of LED and LCD. Here's a quote about LED and LCD, and they are not really different.

Samsung's "LED TVs" (or to be more precise, LED-lit LCD TVs) use LED elements for the lighting source (think "Lite Brite" pegs, but all of them white). Samsung is trying to promote this LED backlighting technology as an entirely new category of TV, which is a little misleading.

The about statement is true. LED TV are just LED-lit LCD TVs, while LCD TVs are CCFL-lit LCD TVs. The back lit is the only difference and OLED is not LED, they are completely different.

Let's go back to the topic. The only disadvantage of LED is the price. While its advantages are longer lifespan, energy efficiency, and higher contrast ratio. So if you have the budget and the motivation that LEDs are better the LCDs, then buy your LED TV now!