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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Watch UFC 98 Live Stream Online

My cousin jen keeps on telling me that I have to watch UFC 98 Live Stream online because a Filipino is participating in the so-called event. I'm not a UFC fan, but I guess this is worth watching. After Manny Pacquiao's victorious win against Hatton, this is yet another Filipino match to watch.

I've researched about the UFC 98 fight cards and found out that that there's really a Filipino participating in the 98th Ultimate Fighting Championship! His name is Phillipe Nover. He's against Kyle Bradley of the United States for the Preliminary Card Lightweight Bout. I also browsed the fight history of this Filipino UFC fighter and found out that he has impressive fight records. He has 5 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss. But he never loss via KO, he loss via unanimous decision. So, it's just like he never loss before! I'm not convinced that losing via unanimous decision is really a defeat. It's just the judge's decision in a certain match.

So, Philippe Nover, make us proud! The Filipinos are watching you and believing in you! We hope that you'll win and climb up to the Main Card of the future UFC matches! Let's all watch UFC 98 Live Stream online and enjoy the match!