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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Grizzly Old Jeans: The Metamorphic Edition

A grizzly old jeans is something that appeared in my mind. I'm just thinking of a random phrase and grizzly old jeans suddenly appeared. I don't know why, I don't know what's the reason behind it. What I do know is I'm one of the few lucky bloggers who were selected by TV5 staff to watch a special screening of Angels and Demons. I not that interested in this movie because it's also similar to Da Vinci Code and I'm not interested to it. I think it's e prequel of the previous movie based on Dan Brown's awesome books. But I also think that it's not a prequel, but another new story with same actors and actresses.

What I'm excited to watch is the next two books that Dan Brown wrote. About alien thingy, and the other one was about computers. If I remember it right, the title of the book was Digital Fortress and the other one was... ahmmm... Deception Point. Similar to Vantage Point eh? But the story is so far away from Vantage point. My friend Aethen told me that Deception Point is about two candidates for presidency in the US who are doing their campaign and finding a loophole to the other candidate. I no I'm talking nonsense, but I just want to blog because I love to blog! Hep hep? Hurray!

And before I forget. What's the relation of Metamorphic Edition to grizzly old jeans? They are not related to each other. Period.