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Friday, May 08, 2009

Watch Star Trek Movie Online Free Review

This is what my cousin is keep on telling me. She really wants to watch Star Trek Movie online for free. I keep on telling her that watching Star Trek Movie Online for free is not worth it. As you cannot enjoy the glorious cinematic effects and the superb THX surround sound if you are only going to watch it online in your PC. She said that she don't have money to watch it in cinemas or buy a Blu-ray disc to watch it at home. I told her that if you cannot watch it in cinemas, just wait for me until I can buy you a legal and original copy of Star Trek in Blu-ray.

She told me she doesn't have a Blu-ray player and she asked me that if I can buy her a Blu-ray player in exchange for nothing? Oh my, what a lucky cousin if I'll buy her what she wants. I told her that she should save money in order for her to buy her own Blu-ray disc player instead of watching the Star Trek Movie Online.

Lastly, she told me that she will watch Star Trek Movie online by any means, even if I don't help her. So I told her that, ok, just look for it online and watch it. I think you can find a HD DivX copy of it online. Just don't watch it online via full stream or live streaming websites because it's really not worth it. The sound is not clear and the video is not that sharp and good to watch.

So she told me that it's ok as long as she can watch her favorite Star Trek movie. Oh my.. I don't know what to say next to my silly cousin. I think I should just let her watch the Star Trek Movie online eh?