Updated BCS 2009 Standings - Old Database

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Updated BCS 2009 Standings

The official list of BCS 2009 Rankings and Standings are now out! Florida and Alabama topped the BCS standings this 2009! This result was said to be expected by everyone. Once again, congratulations to Alabama and Florida for topping the list, followed by Texas on the third spot.

Boise State is the No. 4 team. That’s the highest opening position for a team from outside the six BCS conferences. Because of that, the Broncos are now hoping that they could reach the National Finals. Cincinnati is the No. 5 team in the BCS, with Iowa at No. 6 and USC all the way down at No. 7.

Let’s rejoice and celebrate because the long wait is over! Some people said that BCS standings are rigged, but there’s nothing we can do. Even if it’s rigged or not rigged, it’s official.

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