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Thursday, October 08, 2009

UFC 104 Live Free Stream Online Fight Video

Once again, we'll illegally live stream UFC 104 fight videos this October 24, 2009. Please bookmark this page to find it again on this 24th day of October. We know that this is illegal, but we want to make you happy, that's why we'll be live streaming UFC 104 for you for free!

UFC 104 will feature the best fighters in the history of UFC. Lyoto Machida will once again show us how a real fighter fights! This undefeated dragon will surely be undefeated and Shogun will surely lose the game! I really know because I'm a man from the future and Lyoto Machida will remain undefeated until the end of his career.

More updates will be posted here as the time goes by. Let's all watch UFC 104 live stream for free! Don't be afraid of copyright claims because copyright owners can do nothing about it.