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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Deciding between a LED or an LCD

This week, I've been skeptical whether to buy a Samsung LED TV or a Samsung LCD TV. LCD is far more superior if we compare the features and the specifications of it to LED TVs. But LED TVs are now one of the latest technologies that Samsung released in the market. So if I want to be in the edge and have one of the latest things, I'll go for LED. But if I'm practical, and I want to superb features of LCD TV, including the Media 2.0, Internet@TV, Infolinks RSS, Yahoo Widgets, DLNA Wireless, Content Library and other awesome features that the LED TV in the same series didn't offer yet, then I'll go for the LCD TV.

I'm really skeptical as of this moment, but I'll give updates soon about what's my decision and what will I choose, a LED or an LCD.