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Saturday, March 07, 2009

UFC 96 Fight Video, Results and Replay

If you've missed the UFC 96 Live Stream, you can also opt to watch the UFC 96 Fight Video and Fight Replay.

I'm now listening to the music when she cries at night and I really love it. I'm listening also to MYMP songs while waiting for the UFC 96 Fight Video, Results and Replay! I'm dying to watch the fight videos of Jardine Vs Jackson, Carwin Vs Gonzaga, Brown Vs. Sell, Hamill Vs Munoz, and Maynard Vs Miller.

These 5 fight cards that I have mentioned above are the most awaited matches this March 7, 2009 at Ohio. Let's don't forget to watch UFC 96 Live Stream online and also watch UFC 96 Fight Video, Results and Replay if we missed the live video streaming of the Ultimate Fighting Championship 96!

After 96, the UFC 97, UFC 98, UFC 99 and UFC 100 will come! All of us are dying to watch each UFC event. Now, I'm marking my calendars for the next UFC event! Let's don't forget and let's witness and watch UFC live online for free or in pay-per-view!