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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Just Another Cross Post Test

I'm Trying to test Multiply's Cross Post Feature by pinging this links and cross posting it to the checked blogs below. This is just an experiment so please don't leave a comment in this post. thanks. I really love my Western Digital Passport pero medyo puno na siya, that's why I need to buy a new one, I think. Until now, a lot are still looking Free PSP Games to Download even if there's a lot that's not for free. Oo nga naman, dapat free kesa may bayad. Other are looking for Nintendo DS Games Free Download because they don't own a PSP and other really don't love PSPs that's why they tend to buy a Nintendo DS. Lastly, some adults are looking for Dora the Explorer Games Free Download not because they want to play them, but because they have a baby daughter that loves Dora the explorer so much!

Hehehe. That's all for the Multiply Cross Post test. Yay!