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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Watch Slumdog Millionaire Online Free Review

After I saw the trailer on HBO last week, I really want to watch watch Slumdog Millionaire Online for Free! This is one of the best movies this year, but it wasn't released world wide. And that's a sad news for everyone specially for Slumdog Millionaire fans. One of the hottest girls in Hollywood, Freida Pinto, starred in this movie. She was one of the main characters of the said film.

This movie's main story is about the life of a boy who joined "Who Wants to be a Millionaire". I think this is a movie co-produce by the said TV Show, but I'm not sure. I also don't know what happened to the boy, if he won, or didn't. All I want is to watch Slumdog Millionaire online for free and find out what happened to the boy and miss Freida.

I hope this blockbuster film will be released in Asia soon. More details about Slumdog Millionaire Here!