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Friday, September 28, 2007

MAC or PC?

What if somebody will give you a gift, and he/she will let you decide if you want a MAC or a PC. What will you choose? a MAC? or a PC?

But, what if you have earned and saved 200k for 1 year (from your work), and decided to buy a computer, what will you choose? a MAC or a PC? and why? ^_^

I'm facing this problem right now, and I can't decide whether to have a MAC or a PC. I'm always in front of a PC everyday in the office, that's why I want to buy MAC and play around with it (because I just want to experience the MAC way of life, wahehe), or have a MAC if someone will give it to me for free. But I think there are limitations in using MAC (some of my software won't work in MAC, and other applications that works only in PC). If I'll buy a PC, or have a PC as a free gift from someone, I can do all sort of things that I am doing inside the office. Is it worth it to have a MAC? or a PC?

I think if it's for free, you'll choose MAC, because it's quite expensive compared to PC. But if you'll buy yourself a computer, you'll probably go for a PC, for practicality purposes, am I right? or... for you? what will you choose? ^_^ or go for MAC and use iEmulator? hehe