CNAME settings for Google Apps Problem - Old Database

Sunday, April 22, 2007

CNAME settings for Google Apps Problem

If you are encountering the same problem as I do, then I can't help you, because I've never ever resolved this problem. If you set your CNAME alias and point it to, even if you'll wait for one week for the domain to propagate, it won't work! Wah! You'll just waste time of waiting it to be live over the world wide web, it really don't work! Same with my blogger account, you have an option to publish your posts in your custom domain, but it doesn't really work at all. Or maybe, my settings are wrong, but I have verified it to GoDaddy that my Total DNS Control settings are right, maybe the problem is with Google's side.

I have submitted a support request to Google but they don't bother to reply at all. I think their very busy developing their new apps, and won't waste time to entertain this newbie problem. I hope somebody made it work, and comment to this post, because I can't, I really really can't make it work.

It's been a week of waiting for my CNAME alias to propagate, maybe a redirection or SSH settings would be better. What's the catch? if I'll use CNAME to provide custom URL, it will still redirect to, so why don't use redirection with mask instead, diba?