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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Nikolai Vs Valuev Live Stream Free

Let's all watch Nikolai Vs Valuev Live Stream Free! I know, I really know that Ruslan Chagaev will still win in this 3rd match against Nikolai Valuev! So who's your bet? Will Chagaev retain the WBA Heavyweight Belt? or will Valuev dethrone Chagaev in this most awaited fight this May 30, 2009 at Helsinki, Finland?

Let's find out after we watch the Chagaev Vs Valuev Live Stream Online for free! This will be another terrific match to watch! It's a must-see event specially to all boxing fans around the world! Let's never miss this WBA Championship!

So whoever wins or loses, let's enjoy the match!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Watch Terminator Salvation Online Summary and Review

Watch Terminator Salvation Movie Online! That's what my cousin Jen is keep on telling me. After watching Star Trek Online, now I have to watch Terminator Salvation Movie Online. I think I better watch this in a big screen rather that downloading it and watching it at home, in my PC online for free!

I'm tired of watching movies online that's why I prefer to go out and enjoy the great cinematic effect in cinemas near home. But my cousin is keep on insisting that I can download full 1080p Terminator Salvation Movie online, I can even download a Blu-ray copy of Terminator Salvation online, but there will be a delay. Because there are no Blu-ray copies and Full HD copies yet. However, there are cinema and cam copies released online.

Still, I want to watch it in cinemas rather than watch Terminator Salvation movie online. Because it's really different when you watch it on big screen!

And oh, before I forget, here's the Terminator Salvation Online Review.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

UFC 98 Winners and Fight Results!

Wow! UFC 98 was a blast! The UFC 98 Fight Results are now posted! I can't believe that Philippe Nover was defeated by Kyle Bradley. Anyways, it's a great match and another historical event in the history of the Ultimate Fighting Championship!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Watch UFC 98 Live Stream Online

My cousin jen keeps on telling me that I have to watch UFC 98 Live Stream online because a Filipino is participating in the so-called event. I'm not a UFC fan, but I guess this is worth watching. After Manny Pacquiao's victorious win against Hatton, this is yet another Filipino match to watch.

I've researched about the UFC 98 fight cards and found out that that there's really a Filipino participating in the 98th Ultimate Fighting Championship! His name is Phillipe Nover. He's against Kyle Bradley of the United States for the Preliminary Card Lightweight Bout. I also browsed the fight history of this Filipino UFC fighter and found out that he has impressive fight records. He has 5 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss. But he never loss via KO, he loss via unanimous decision. So, it's just like he never loss before! I'm not convinced that losing via unanimous decision is really a defeat. It's just the judge's decision in a certain match.

So, Philippe Nover, make us proud! The Filipinos are watching you and believing in you! We hope that you'll win and climb up to the Main Card of the future UFC matches! Let's all watch UFC 98 Live Stream online and enjoy the match!

Friday, May 08, 2009

Watch Star Trek Movie Online Free Review

This is what my cousin is keep on telling me. She really wants to watch Star Trek Movie online for free. I keep on telling her that watching Star Trek Movie Online for free is not worth it. As you cannot enjoy the glorious cinematic effects and the superb THX surround sound if you are only going to watch it online in your PC. She said that she don't have money to watch it in cinemas or buy a Blu-ray disc to watch it at home. I told her that if you cannot watch it in cinemas, just wait for me until I can buy you a legal and original copy of Star Trek in Blu-ray.

She told me she doesn't have a Blu-ray player and she asked me that if I can buy her a Blu-ray player in exchange for nothing? Oh my, what a lucky cousin if I'll buy her what she wants. I told her that she should save money in order for her to buy her own Blu-ray disc player instead of watching the Star Trek Movie Online.

Lastly, she told me that she will watch Star Trek Movie online by any means, even if I don't help her. So I told her that, ok, just look for it online and watch it. I think you can find a HD DivX copy of it online. Just don't watch it online via full stream or live streaming websites because it's really not worth it. The sound is not clear and the video is not that sharp and good to watch.

So she told me that it's ok as long as she can watch her favorite Star Trek movie. Oh my.. I don't know what to say next to my silly cousin. I think I should just let her watch the Star Trek Movie online eh?

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Grizzly Old Jeans: The Metamorphic Edition

A grizzly old jeans is something that appeared in my mind. I'm just thinking of a random phrase and grizzly old jeans suddenly appeared. I don't know why, I don't know what's the reason behind it. What I do know is I'm one of the few lucky bloggers who were selected by TV5 staff to watch a special screening of Angels and Demons. I not that interested in this movie because it's also similar to Da Vinci Code and I'm not interested to it. I think it's e prequel of the previous movie based on Dan Brown's awesome books. But I also think that it's not a prequel, but another new story with same actors and actresses.

What I'm excited to watch is the next two books that Dan Brown wrote. About alien thingy, and the other one was about computers. If I remember it right, the title of the book was Digital Fortress and the other one was... ahmmm... Deception Point. Similar to Vantage Point eh? But the story is so far away from Vantage point. My friend Aethen told me that Deception Point is about two candidates for presidency in the US who are doing their campaign and finding a loophole to the other candidate. I no I'm talking nonsense, but I just want to blog because I love to blog! Hep hep? Hurray!

And before I forget. What's the relation of Metamorphic Edition to grizzly old jeans? They are not related to each other. Period.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Watch X-Men Origins: Wolverine Movie Online Review

X-Men Origins: Wolverine is obviously the story of Wolverine. From childhood, growing up, his family, and everything about him. You will also know how he gained his powers, how he has abducted in the army because he's a mutant or I don't know the real reason. I just saw the movie and he was in the army the he was eliminated from the army and joined a special force on fighting criminals. I didn't finish the movie, that's why I want to Watch X-Men Origins: Wolverine Online because I don't want to spend another cash to watch it on cinemas.

Watch X-Men Origins: Wolverine Movie Online. This is the most awaited movie of all times specially the X-Men fanatics. It premiered a few days ago all over the world and it has now millions of revenue from movie fanatics in the United States and other countries. X-Men Origins: Wolverine Movie Online is a must-see movie specially to the die-hard fans of X-Men.

However, I didn't finish the movie because it's just a draft. Hopefully I can watch X-Men Origins: Wolverine Movie Online Stream for free. Btw, after this, the story of Magneto will come next. How Magneto gained his powers, how he hate humanity and everything about him. So let's wait and see about that awesome X-Men Origins sequel coming next year! Watch X-Men Origins: Wolverine Online Free!