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Sunday, August 08, 2010

UFC 117: Silva will surely win in the main event!

That's what my dog, cat, mouse, and rabbit said. Silva will definitely win tonight's match! UFC 117 live stream will be another historic and awesome UFC event as everybody is waiting for it! Of course, me, you and everyone around us are waiting for this absolute awesome and spectacular MMA event! Rose Mary Grace and Antonio Stevenson are waiting for this. Who the hell are they? They are my friends who's a big fan of Anderson Silva.

This is yet another easy match for Anderson Silva and he will surely win tonight's match. I know, I know, I really really know. I don't know why there are still Sonnen supporters out there even if it's really clear that Silva will win.

I wish Sonnen can still walk after UFC 117 tonight. And oh, don't forget to bring a large lemonade and popcorn while watching UFC 117 tonight. It will be a long and exciting, and also, entertaining event to watch.

Everyone, you and me and the entire human race, let's all support Danna White's endeavor and let's all watch UFC 117 live stream! This will surely rock our world tonight! Yeah!