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Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Dragon is back in the arena!

Hey Machida fans! Let's rejoice! The Dragon is now back in the arena tonight on UFC 123! This is the first UFC 123 and the only UFC 123. It's like One, Two, Three. Yes, one, two and three! 123! A lucky number! Ok, I know I'm talking nonsense here, but 123 is my lucky number.

Anyway, I just want to share some cool UFC 123 live stream sites where I watch UFC and other MMA events. And also, boxing matches.

One of my favorite sites is It's one of the most reliable websites that provides live play-by-play updates and comprehensive reviews of any big sports events that they are interested to blog about.

Another great and reliable site is Yahoo Sports! It's one of the great venues to watch UFC in HD. You can also watch UFC in other pay-per-view sites, but Yahoo Sports is the fastest and easiest way to watch any UFC event legally. is the most reliable site that broadcasts all big sports events illegally! If you want to watch illegal streams of pay-per-view events and other TV shows, then is for you. This is my last hope if all else fails. They always work, really!

Go Machida! Show Rampage the power of the Dragon!